Monday, October 29, 2007

dangerous liasions

i dont like this life. what is the point. its jus bloody hypocrisy. am a bloody hypocrite. thats all i am. let me tell you how it goes. well did u know about iodine deficiency diseases? am sure you do. but did u know that excessive iodine intake is hazardous to health? so only the right amount eh. well eating too much seafood can cause excessive iodine diseases. so next time u r about to dig into that lobster, THINK. same goes with vitamins, calcium, blah. too much meat is not good either.
r u environmentally conscious? am sure u r. however do u have an AC in your room/office? uh...remember that piece of writing that you crumpled and aimed for the dustbin but fell a feet away. i could go on.
we r all being hypocritical. we sit in AC rooms, and write pages long articles on global warming. and you know what here's a confession.
on a hot day, i want my AC. i want loud music (noise pollution) sometimes i think am so loud myself taht i cause noise pollution.
i like CONSUMING. i like computers and stereos and cell phones and when am rich (if ever) i wuld like to own palm tops and lap tops and well u got the point.
and the amount of clothes i own is not even funny. and am only 21.
i like all that is bad. and then i say i am environmentally conscious.
apparently everythin i eat is hazardous to health....too much of too less of any blah.
everythin i do is hazardous to the environment....
my life has lost its meaning.
unfortunately, there is a bigger problem on hand. i do not...and i mean it...I DO NOT want to die.
dying means i will have to stop thinking, stop consuming...there wont be any waking up to a warm sun or waking up to the sound of rain. there wont be any urban consumption spree. there will be nothing. jus a meaningless void.