Monday, July 30, 2007

madrasi blues

well am in south india. i have got infected by this chronic disease: madrasi blues. symptoms are a weird accent, laughing without reason, extra smooth bowels...too smooth for comfort, consumption of very high doses of mint (ranging from polo to tic tac), aversion from COCONUT, serious intellectual impairment. i was rather excited about going national (calcutta to mumbai to bangalore) but unfortunately i kanndazied myself. its like walking in the rain without an umbrella. you love the fact that you r getting wet, but then again u dont like the wet underwear sticking to your skin. yes, i admit it, for me south india is madras and coconuts....and i also confess, i love it here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

graduate school - IIJNM

there was a perception i had about graduate schools. like internet connections and hot men. electronic education: laptop presentations and well everything flashy and rich. hmm....and ya a huge big green campus. i got the campus alrite...and the entire big green planet with it. ours is the only little speck of civilization this side of the earth. there is obviously only one road....because ALL ROAD(s) lead to iijnm. because the world is flat now, this road leads to...well...we dont walk that far we'll fall off the earth. hmm now about the promised internet connections and hot men. didnt get the latter. wat other things we didnt get was the cell network, public transport and neighbours. there is a fort (so called international school) but there r no humans there. first day of graduate school: 12 hours. dont even ask. 12 hours says it all. sunsets and exotic birds, throw in one or two scorpions and snakes and few rickety buses that can b seen one in every 100 days......thats nityanandnagar. here, the moon in always blue

Middle of Nowhere

its an new college. and its in the middle of nowhere.